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Under Eye Fillers Melbourne | Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles | Performed By Cosmetic Doctors

A lot of people come to Aesthetic Studio Clinic frustrated with all the comments of how tired they look. Thanks to dermal fillers this issue can be well treated not just to have you looking more refreshed but in a natural looking way. Many people are hesitant to pursue surgery especially close to their eyes, so dermal fillers for dark circle treatment, eye bag removal, and dealing with under eye hollows can be a preferential choice for those a little turned off by the idea of getting cut so close to their eyes or just like to avoid surgery in general.

What Are Eye Bags?

Eye bags as they are commonly called refers to bulges in the lower eyelid. In the past, this was thought to be caused by laxity of the muscles in the lower eyelid which in turn allowed the fat to protrude. However, they are likely due to occur when fat in the mid-cheek region moves away from the lower eyelid producing a look of extra protrusion when compared to the cheek.

What Are Tear Troughs?

These are the grooves between the cheeks and lower eyelid; sometimes they can become hollow at this junction. While sometimes caused by ageing is often merely a genetic issue as it is frequently seen in quite young patients. Pseudo-tear troughs are similar in appearance they differ though is the skin isn’t being affected by the underlying muscles as there’s no direct connection.

To find the difference between the two, if you pull the skin to one side apply some pressure to the upper cheek area and the appearance diminishes these are likely pseudo-tear troughs as tear troughs are unaffected by this due to the tethering to the underlying muscles. Pseudo cheek troughs are typically caused by a lack of volume in the mid-cheer area, that in turn reduces support for the eye and allows the trough to form from the lack of structural support.

Eye Bags, Tear Troughs & Under Eye Hollows Treated Non-Surgically

These cosmetic issues that leave you looking tired and worn out can be treated through the use of dermal fillers. While a temporary treatment, it is non-invasive and can provide excellent results with no need for cutting or excessive downtime in either the procedure or recovery.

The different types of issues in this region can be effectively treated by adding volume to the right areas. In the case of tear troughs, these can be approached by injecting fillers into the hollow between the eyelid and cheek directly. This provides support that in turn lifts the lower eyelid and cheek reducing the droop caused by lost or a lack of volume in this area. When it comes to treating eye bags with dermal fillers, the place to target for effective results is the mid-cheek. Applying fillers to this area increases support as the lift from the added volume results in a reduced appearance of eye bags.

Many patients find they are struggling with both these issues in unison, so to approach this and get optimal results it’s ideal to target both these regions with filler treatments. As these areas typically don’t require a large amount of filler, often this isn’t too much of an issue if both would need some added volume to get the best results.

Is this a Difficult Procedure?

When it comes to dermal filler treatments, treating around the eyes is one of the most challenging areas to work on. The skin around the eyes is very fine, so there is a minimal margin for error, due to the fine line between perfect and too much many Cosmetic Doctors will suggest going light on the amount of filler in these areas as more can be applied later if desired.

At Aesthetic Studio Clinic our Cosmetic Doctors are well versed in the use of dermal fillers and not just qualified to use them but very skilled in applying them in various ways. When it comes to dermal fillers and other cosmetic procedures it’s always a good idea to be careful “bargain shopping,” but when it comes to a delicate area like this, it’s even more critical to not shop purely on price, and look instead for professionalism and experience at a fair price. This helps avoid a higher risk of less than satisfactory outcomes, or worse depending on how well the clinic is run, and the staff is trained.

The addition of too much volume can result in the appearance of puffy eyes that may appear instead of that you are tired but that you have been crying or have allergies. So to ensure a natural look, find a skilled Cosmetic Doctor like those at Aesthetic Studio Clinic and when it comes to the eyes remember often less is best.

What Types of Dermal Fillers are Used around the eyes?

Due to TGA regulations, we can’t mention the specific types of dermal fillers we use. However, we only use the finest dermal fillers available. To learn more about the dermal fillers we use, and get more information to decide if a filler treatment might be a good fit for your eye hollow concerns book a consultation.

Aesthetic Studio Clinic offers no-obligation consultations, and this ensures patients are well informed without any pressure to pursue any treatment as well as ensuring we can get all the information about your specific situation and issues to develop the best treatment plan. We don’t accept walk-in appointments and are heavily booked. So book today to ensure you get in as quickly as possible and find a time that fits in with your other commitments.

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