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Thread Lifts Melbourne – Non-Surgical Procedure With Cosmetic Doctors

Thread lifts are a non-surgical alternative to lift and firm the appearance of the skin. If you are interested in reducing the appearance of wrinkled skin on your face and neck and improving skin elasticity, they can be an excellent option for many people looking to avoid going under the knife. It’s not exclusive to the face either though this is where it is quite a common target area, it can be used to assist with sagging skin in various places, including the arms, abdomen, buttocks, breasts and interestingly even the knees.

Highlight Benefits of Thread Lifts

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crows feet, and marionette lines.
  • Reduce the visibility of cellulite on non-facial areas like the arms, breast or buttocks.
  • Lift and tone the skin of the neck and face, reducing the signs of aging.

How Are Thread Lifts Performed?

Thread lifts are placed underneath the skin, instantly providing more lift to the deeper layers of skin. This works well for those facing issues with poor skin elasticity, and those aging experiencing a loss of volume beneath the skin leading to the skin begging to sag. The sutures are absorbed by the body naturally over time, and this causes an increase in collagen production in the area that is of added benefit.

The standard thread lift procedure takes around an hour to complete, and it is quite non-invasive yet still highly effective. It is a procedure that is not just often impressive in its results, but also provides immediate results while requiring little to no downtime to recover, something of a high priority to many busy patients.

While facelifts may be preferable to suit some patients goals optimally, thread lifts may be a great option if your intended outcome is achievable with your current skin condition. You may also wish to consider dermal fillers, but again many people choose to opt for a thread lift or it simply better suits their needs, and preferences.

Thread Lift FAQ

Q: What is a thread lift?

A: non-surgical treatment with the goal of lifting and firming loose or sagging skin

Q: How long does the average thread lift last?

A: Lasting times will vary a little, but up to two years typically

Q: What areas of the body is this potentially suitable for?

A: Just about anywhere, whether it is the best approach will depend on the individual patient, but everywhere from the skin, face, neck, breast, abdomen, buttocks, and knees are common options for consideration.

Q: Are thread lift results immediate?

A: Results are visible immediately after the procedure is performed. However, you will likely notice a little further improvement from the increased collagen production over time as this takes a little longer for the body to respond to the sutures.

Q: Do I need to have the thread lifts sutures removed later?

A: No, your body will naturally absorb them over time

Q: How long does a threat lift take?

A: The average procedure takes around an hour, this will depend on the amount of work being done your practitioner will be able to give you a reasonable estimate based on their previous experience.

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