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You Can Always Throw on a Hat and Enjoy the Beachside Life in St Kilda Just Don’t Let Hair Loss Keep You Always Hiding Under Headwear

When you have a community like St Kilda where a lot of things can be done outdoors if you are struggling with thinning hair and hair loss you may find yourself gravitating to activities where you can wear hats. There’s nothing wrong with being outdoors and being active, positively nothing wrong with being sun safe either. However, if you find yourself avoiding night activities and other events where hats and other headwear isn’t appropriate attire, it’s probably about time you started looking at options to regenerate hair, and get you enjoying styling it rather than hiding it.

What Age Groups Do You Work With?

We work with everyone, both men and women and of many age ranges. Hair loss is experienced by both the old as well as the young. Our Cosmetic Doctors cater frequently range from their early twenties to their early sixties, with all kinds of hair types and hair loss problems. So if you are young or old, don’t feel uncomfortable seeking our assistance as we’ve seen it all, and can very likely help you on your path to get back some lushness to your hair.

It’s always incredibly satisfying for us when a patient can get excited about styling, dying, and cutting their hair differently instead of always worrying about losing it. It’s a problem that can really affect peoples self-esteem, and we find it incredibly satisfying helping patients get back the confidence they may have lost dealing with thinning hair.

How Do You Assess Patients Needs?

Hair loss is complicated, and it can have a variety of causes. We do a lot to try and find any root causes to assist us in developing a treatment plan, one of the most important is something we always do, and that is having patients take a blood test. Getting a blood analysis allows us to rule out a lot of issues that may be causing the hair loss or even discover what is causing or exacerbating the condition. Sometimes hair loss can be caused by a nutritional deficiency, for example. There’s little point addressing the hair loss directly and ignoring the cause. If we can work out what may be the casing the issue, and rule out what isn’t, it gives us a lot of information to work with.

Genetics is often a factor in hair loss so another thing we typically discuss is hair loss issues in your immediate family, as that may point to it being merely something you are prone genetically prone to experiencing. We take hair loss seriously, so when it comes to assessing a patients hair loss, we look at far more than just their scalp to get the most information to help the patient in the most efficient way possible.

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Do You Use PRP Injections I’ve Head They Can Be Effective?

There’s a lot of buzz about platelet rich plasma injections these days, and for a good reason, they can produce some impressive results. They do take some time to achieve their full results, but they can be an excellent approach to dealing with many types of hair loss and thinning hair problems. With Aesthetic Studio Clinic being on top of the best services to offer our clients, we absolutely have PRP injections available, we use them for a variety of things, and frequently for our hair loss patients.

PRP injectables are produced using a small sample of the patients own blood, which we process and separate specific components of the sample to result in a solution very high in platelets, as high as 10x the amount found in the original sample. Once prepared we perform a series of precision injections across the scalp, this promotes growth factors and results in hair regeneration typically in a very satisfactory way for a lot of people. We’ve seen some remarkable results from using PRP injections for hair loss. Patients often start noticing a thickening of the hair after about three months, but typically full results aren’t seen until starting at around eight-plus months. Which if you’ve been struggling with hair loss for a while is a small wait, compared to the stress you are likely experiencing trying to deal with it or just pretend it’s not happening.

Hair Loss Treatment

Contact Aesthetic Studio Clinic today and book a no obligation consultation to assess your specific hair loss concerns and see if platelet rich plasma injections or other treatments we have available may be able to assist with your thinning hair condition. Due to our focus on providing the best for our patients and ensuring we give them all our attention, attendance to the clinic is by appointment only. Booking now will assist in ensuring you can get an appointment with the least possible wait at a time that is also convenient for you, as we are frequently heavily booked due to our long list of happy clients.

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