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PRP Injections

Platelet rich plasma or PRP is a concentration of your own blood cells and it contains large amounts of growth factors and platelets. The PRP is then placed in the treated area which helps heal wounds faster, and it also makes the skin look younger by acting like a natural anti-wrinkle substance.

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About PRP Treatment

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a revolutionary treatment that presents the future of skin treatment. PRP encourages the growth of collagen, especially under the eyes and the face. As the body produces more collagen, elastin is also increased and that gives the skin a much younger look.

At Aesthetic Studio Clinic, we use advanced technique and the highest concentrated PRP injections in Melbourne to stimulated hair grown in men and to treat acne scars.

  • What Is PRP?

    Platelet Rich Plasma is normally found in your own blood and it contains platelets that can be used for a number of purposes.

    Platelets are crucial for the regeneration of the skin because they have the power to regrow collagen and heal your body with stem cells.

    PRP injections at Aesthetic Studio Clinic contain 2 million cells in a micro liter. These injections have 10 times the concentration of PRP that’s normally found in the blood. The injection pushes the generation of growth factors and stem cells in the body, which leads to healing and regeneration of the skin.

  • How Does the Treatment Look Like and How Does It Affect My Skin?

    The doctors at Aesthetic Studio Clinic are highly specialized for PRP treatments. The procedure is fairly simple and it involves things that are already familiar with the clients. The first thing that has to be done is taking a blood sample. That’s done quickly and painlessly. The blood is then processed in state-of-the-art medical equipment and it’s packed with nutrients and Platelet Rich Plasma. The process takes only 15 minutes to complete. The PRP rich mixture is then injected into the middle layer of your skin.

    When the PRP rich injection enters the body, it promotes the growth of stem cells and growth factors that refresh the skin and make it look younger. This is the most advanced anti-aging procedure so far.

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  • How Many Treatments Do I Need?

    To fully recharge the cells and replenish their capability to produce growth factors and stem cells, we usually schedule treatments once a month for six months straight. The results are visible after the first month and they will improve as the treatments repeat.

  • Are There Any Side-Effects?

    PRP is a risk-free procedure in the hands of the doctors here at Aesthetic Studio Clinic and their skills deliver outstanding results. As a client, you should be aware that the procedure is followed by a couple of days of mild swelling and bruising. The risk of complications is minimal because the treatment involves your own plasma fluid.

  • Can I Use the PRP Treatment Combined with Other Procedures?

    Yes, you can. In fact, that’s how we advise patients to treat their skin. PRP in the combination with dermal fillers can give the best results in removing dark circles underneath the eyes. Contact us today and book an appointment for more detailed information about the procedures we offer.

  • Where Can I Have PRP?

    PRP has the most impact on the areas with scars or discoloration. It also provides excellent results in treating the face because it’s rich in nutrients needed to promote the growth of stem cells, growth factors, and collagen.