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Nose Fillers Melbourne | Non Surgical Procedure to Reshape Your Nose

When it comes to reshaping the nose, surgical rhinoplasty can’t be beaten in terms of results. Often, many people don’t require actual reshaping that requires the removal of tissue of drastic reshaping and instead can achieve a fantastic aesthetic improvement through the administration of nose fillers by a skilled practitioner.

What Are Nose Filler Treatments?

Nose filler treatments are a non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty for patients that have a suitable condition that doesn’t require drastic corrections or the removal of tissue. The nose can be shaped, enhanced, sculpted through the addition of volume with the application of dermal fillers. This is a temporary treatment, so unlike surgery is not just possible to let it return to normal but depending on the type of filler used can often even by reversible using a particular enzyme injection if you end up not liking the look as much as you expected.

Due to TGA regulations, we can’t go into a lot of detail online about the specific nose fillers we use at Aesthetic Studio Clinic. However, we pride ourselves on quality service, experienced qualified staff, and only using the finest quality products. So if you decide to come and see us, we’re sure you will be extremely impressed by our cosmetic services.

Test the Look Using Nose Fillers

Even if you are considering surgical rhinoplasty if you prefer a permanent solution. If the intended outcome can be closely imitated through the addition of volume, you can use nose fillers as a handy way to test out something close to the expected result to ensure you are happy with the style and how it fits with your face before going all in on a surgery.

Can This Treatment Assist with a Drooping Tip?

This is quite a common request, even when it’s not quite problematic. Many people would just like a little more elevation in the tip of their nose. So yes, this is something that is often improved with nose fillers. When support is added to the tip of the nose by injecting filler, and also the base section referred to as the columella, this is the part of the nose on the underside separating the nostrils, this increased support can lift the tip of the nose to make it appear more elevated and looking naturally leveled.

Can Bumps and Protrusions Be Removed with Nose Fillers?

No, but in many cases, cosmetic issues like a dorsal hump can be improved by the injection of filler above and below the hump to straighten out the curve of the nose. So while nose fillers can only add volume, not remove anything, people are often surprised by what can be achieved with a skilled eye and the addition of volume in precise locations across the nose.

Don’t write off bumps entirely if there’s any doubt. Especially if you would like much prefer to deal with it while avoiding surgery book into Aesthetic Studio Clinic for a consultation. We can then assess your specific nose and discuss what you hope to achieve, and we quite possibly will have a plan to tackle it, we are well versed in the use of nose fillers.

Treating a Flat Nose with Nose Fillers

Another common nose issue that people frequently would like to enhance is a flatter looking nose. If you have a less prominent nose, this can sometimes look out of balance with your other features. This can be aesthetically improved with nose fillers, by injecting fillers carefully throughout the nose it can result in a more prominent and balanced looking nose and higher nose bridge.

What are the Main Risks of Nose Fillers?

The main concern when it comes to nose fillers is the restriction of blood flow, this risk is increased in patients that have already had previous rhinoplasty surgery as the anatomy of the nose is often changed in ways that aren’t always predictable externally during the treatment. Sometimes when the filler is injected, it can cause too much pressure on the veins providing circulation to parts of the nose, which can cause problems ranging from reduced circulation to skin death in extreme cases.

Fillers can also be accidentally injected into an artery causing a blockage this causes similar problems though typically worse and will immediately result in a blanching of the skin, possible skin death, as well as potential scarring. The use of a cannula can reduce this risk, this is due to a cannula being less likely to pierce an artery and enter it than the direct use of a needle will.

Why Choose Aesthetic Studio Clinic for Nose Fillers?

When it comes to your delicate areas like your nose and eyes, it is even more important to look for a skilled Cosmetic Doctor to perform your treatments. There is no replacement for experience and the eye for detail that is acquired over time. We frequently use dermal fillers in many different applications with the massive boom occurring in popularity as a non-invasive and non-surgical alternative to many aesthetic enhancements that were previously only really viable with surgical interventions.

Schedule an obligation-free consultation today to discuss your dream nose aesthetic and see if we can help you reach them. We offer a broad range of services to our clients and only use the finest products available. We are frequently heavily booked so contact us today to ensure you get an appointment not only as quickly as possible but one that suits your busy schedule and doesn’t interfere with your precious downtime.

You can reach us at [email protected] or book by phone on (03) 9999 7368.