Neck Lift Melbourne

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Getting Neck Lift
Getting Neck Lift  Treatment

What is Neck Lift Melbourne?

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Are you finding yourself starting to lose definition in your neck? Are you frustrated by the loss of firmness and dealing with sagging skin around your neck or a soft jawline? Then a neck lift could be just the thing to reduce the appearance of loose skin around the face and neck. With a little help from one of our cosmetic doctors, you can achieve a smoother neck without having to resort to trying to manage the high time cost of neck lift surgery.

Do I Need Neck Lift Surgery?

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If you have good skin elasticity and not don’t have a significant amount of excess skin, you can often avoid having to undergo an invasive neck lift procedure. When you are looking for a neck surgery or face lifts Melbourne has you covered by providing you with experienced cosmetic doctors at Aesthetic Studio Clinic to help assess the state of your neck and help you make an informed decision on the best way to achieve a neck lift, with or without requiring a neck lift procedure. Many people have issues that they find cosmetically concerning that don’t really require lift surgery to address. For this reason, It’s well worth you while to investigate the options available to you for neck lift procedures or ways to remove excess skin or fatty tissue, whether, in the end, you opt for surgery or another alternative procedure.

When choosing surgery expect to require at least two weeks to recover from your procedure, as this can be a lot for many people surgery is becoming a less popular option, especially for those that don’t necessarily need surgery to address their cosmetic concerns. Finding the best neck lift procedure is highly dependent on your needs and what you hope to achieve from your cosmetic treatment. Working with your practitioner to develop best a plan to lift the lower face will help ensure you get the best possible outcomes.

Neck Lift Surgery Effect
After Removing Excess Neck Skin

Removing Excess Neck Skin

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If you have low to moderate sagging skin in your neck region, you may not have to have it removed with a neck lift procedure to have a significant improvement. You may find with the careful application of dermal fillers to replace lost volume, or a thread lift procedure you can have many of the benefits associated with a neck lift, without many of the costs associated with plastic surgery. While plastic surgery can be the best case in more extreme situations, for many people though, you don’t have to remove any tissue to achieve a sufficient neck lift. Find out if plastic surgery really is the right choice to address your neck skin or if other forms of neck lift procedures may be more suited to your desired outcome, budget, and lifestyle. Even though plastic surgery is often quite effective, unlike many other neck lift alternatives it can have a high cost, not just financially but on your time as recovery from neck lift surgery can be relatively long and intensive at times.

Removing Excess Fat from the Chin

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The chin plays a large part in the appearance of your neck, so when you are holding a lot of excess fatty tissue in the neck, this is something that can be very aesthetically beneficial to address. Thankfully, with the assistance of double chin injections, a non-surgical injectable treatment, you can tackle this common concern. If you are relatively happy with the current state of your neck skin but find yourself displeased with stubborn fat being held in your chin that isn’t responding to traditional diet and exercise, this can be an excellent option for you. Come and discuss your concerns and we can discuss with you what can be achieved, and whether or not sagging skin around the neck area, or loose skin of your chin could be a more beneficial to deal with, and what ways you could go about doing this.

How Long Does a Neck Lift Last?

On average a neck lift surgery will last 10-15 years and provide a long-lasting lift that will often hold up quite well over time making it the most permanent neck lift option and one that provides the longest lasting lift. However, where there is a lack of volume, dermal fillers can be a significant help to address issues with the chin, lower face, and add additional support and structure providing a neck lift like this can be performed in around 15 minutes with little to no associated downtime. Thread lifts are relatively long-lasting and less intensive than neck lift surgery as well; they are an effective procedure where threads are carefully placed behind the ear or hairline. Having a thread lift to assist with providing a neck lift can last 1-3 years, which for a less intensive procedure and one that has more flexibility and can be adjusted over time, is quite excellent.

There are several methods for achieving a neck lift, how long it lasts can, of course, be a high priority to many people. Still, it’s not the only one you should consider, with neck lift cost and recovery periods varying for each of the neck lift options you may also find there’s a lot to consider there when deciding on the best procedure or surgery to enhance your face and neck.

How much does a neck lift cost in Australia?

There is a range of factors that can come into consideration when it comes to how much the cost for neck lift treatments will be, and not just the type of neck lift you decide to have either. The skill of your cosmetic doctor, as well as variables such as the state of your skin and neck, will also play a part. The best way to find out how much you will pay for a neck lift in Melbourne is to book a consultation with us at Aesthetic Studio Clinic – Cosmetic Doctors. Our skilled cosmetic doctors can help assist you in filtering through your options to achieve a fantastic neck lift that suits your circumstances and your neck.

If you contact us today, we can have you book in for an obligation-free consultation where you can discuss with one of our cosmetic doctors your desired neck rejuvenation goals as they can assess your neck to best provide you with advice on how you could proceed to get the best neck lift procedure for you. Whether you were considering a neck surgery or face lift Melbourne has you covered thanks to our experienced cosmetic doctors.