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One of the most popular cosmetic enhancements of recent times, lip fillers are becoming extremely popular especially among younger people. Rather than just older people looking to regain volume lost in their lips these days people are often looking for just some stand out lush, plump lips that get that second look.

What are Lip Filler Treatments?

The application of lip fillers is a procedure that involves injecting dermal filler into parts of the lip and surrounding face to enhance, add volume, balance, and sculpt the lips to achieve everything from a return to a more youthful look to a more dramatic look. Lip filler treatments are unable to drastically change the shape of the lips themselves like a surgical approach could, lip filler can only build on what is already there but for most people impressive enhancement in the aesthetics of their lips can be achieved.

While the filling of the lips themselves is the primary concern, it’s also important to approach filling around the lips to give a more complete enhancement whether it’s to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the lips or giving the corners a lift to be better balanced with their increase in size. Due to TGA regulations, we can’t say a lot about the particular lip fillers we use online.

How are Lip FIller Treatments Performed?

The initial step is always a consultation to plan and discuss your various goals, as well as other factors such as discuss product options and personal medical considerations that may affect your procedure. This time to gather information is an integral part of the process that ensures both the Cosmetic Doctor and patient have all the necessary information to get the best outcomes.

The actual procedure involves a series of injections using a small needle or cannula, which is a needle with a blunt end. The cannula is sometimes preferable as it can reduce bruising and swelling that is a common side effect of lip fillers, though usually not anything too severe. Your Cosmetic Doctor will discuss with you which direction they suggest going in that regard depending on what approach to having your lips enhanced you are taking based on their experience doing this procedure.

What Should I expect After Lip Filler Treatments?

Some swelling is typical and will come on quite quickly, and ice packs can assist with the minor discomfort that may come with this. Avoiding excessive fluid intake may also reduce swelling after your treatment, though don’t avoid fluid either. If you experience any hard lumps, this isn’t uncommon so don’t panic if you lightly massage these a couple of times a day they will usually dissipate quite quickly as the filler settles into the lips. However, if for some reason that doesn’t occur and they linger for some time while not improving contact us for advice as you may require this to be corrected, though this is not commonly needed.

Keep the area clean, avoid strenuous exercise, extreme weather conditions, and excessive sun exposure for at least the first couple of days after your treatment to assist the lips to heal as quickly as possible without interference.

What are Some of the Risks Involved with Lip Filler Enhancements?

The main side effect experienced from lip filler procedures is bruising and swelling, many people experience minor swelling with that being fairly common but usually nothing extreme. The type of particular filler product used may also affect the amount of swelling experienced. Swelling will usually resolve in a few days but may linger for a couple of weeks to some degree after initially reducing substantially in the first few days. The lip border is less prone to swelling than the lip body which usually means minor swelling isn’t extremely noticeable.

If you are prone to cold sores, tell your practitioner during your consultation as measures may be taken to reduce the chances of a breakout after your procedure. Lip filler treatments can cause a breakout in those prone to cold sores, and this can be resolved with anti-viral medication if it occurs. Bruising typically results at the injection sites, and is usually minimal. Some medications and other medical factors may increase bruising and swelling, so discuss the medications you are taking with your Cosmetic Doctor, especially anything that thins the blood.

Ensuring You Have a Balanced Look

While the perfect lip look merely comes down to personal taste, it’s worth taking into account how lip enhancements match not just the rest of your face but one lip to the other. Generally, the bottom lip should be larger than the top lip, just as the top lip should protrude a little more to the sides. Overdoing lip fillers can make your lips look unnatural which is usually not a preferred outcome, though some people do like to go a little borderline over the top in this regard. If you have smaller features having excessively large lips will lead to an unbalanced look, an experienced Cosmetic Doctor will have an eye for producing a natural look so always take their recommendations into account in regards to the amount of filler to apply, especially when they are suggesting to use less filler. When lip fillers are used appropriately you can have a lush and plump lip look that looks natural; they can produce impressive results when applied by a skilled practitioner.

At Aesthetic Studio Clinic we deal with lip filler enhancements very regularly, we use only the best filler products to ensure good lasting times as well as quality outcomes. We don’t accept walk-in appointments as we are quite often heavily booked and this can be detrimental to giving our patients the focus and time needed to do a good job. We are outcome and patient-focused, so don’t overbook just to fit in a couple of extra patients like many clinics that allow walk-ins. To ensure you get booked in as quickly as possible, with an appointment that matches your other commitments book an obligation free consultation today.

You can reach us at or book by phone on (03) 9999 7368.

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