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Laser Skin Clinic

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We all desire to look as beautiful as possible. We love to step out in confidence to hang out with friends, loved ones and attend special events. However, some skin conditions may have you feeling more self-conscious than you should. These include scars, unwanted hairs, age spots, sun spots and bad skin tone. However, this can be fixed with laser treatments.

Australian laser clinics are one of the best places that you can get most laser skin treatments. Australian laser clinic could also deal with hair removal using medical grade equipment. With laser hair removal, you can reduce unwanted hair in different parts of the body, including the bikini line, chin, upper lip, armpits, and legs.

While taking into consideration your skin type determines the success of your laser hair removal, it works on the principle that the pigment absorbs the light, and only the hair follicle gets damaged. So, for the best outcomes, this laser skin treatment should be done on people with light skin and dark hair. There have been many technological advancements in laser hair removal, and now, it is becoming increasingly safer for more people.

Picking the right laser clinic

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During your skin treatments or laser removal, there is a risk of being susceptible to different side effects based on your adherence to care for your skin, treatment plan, hair colour and skin type. Some of the side effects are swelling, redness, temporary discomfort, scarring, crusting, and blistering. If you don’t avoid being exposed to the sun both before and after your skin treatment, you could be at the risk of hyperpigmentation.

Since it’s possible to be exposed to the possibility of severe eye injury, it is not a good idea to use laser hair removal for your eyelids. It is always a big deal when it comes to choosing your clinic laser. Australia is home to tons of skin clinics, so when you are ready for your procedure, you need to be sure that the physician is qualified before going ahead.

One of the best ways to know this is to request a free consultation where you will talk about your medical history and other factors that will determine the best laser skin treatment for you at the laser clinic. Australia, being quite a vast country, might have you concerned which local skin clinics are genuine. That is why we offer a free consultation so that you can have the confidence of knowing you are receiving a service that is competent and of the highest quality.

Our skin clinic is made up of a team of physicians who are experienced with skin treatments. So, how do we go about your cosmetic treatments in our skin clinics? The first step is reviewing your past medical procedures and medication. You will also need to discuss your expectations, benefits, risks, and treatment plan.

Prepare for your treatment by paying attention to your skin care, including avoiding any other removal method like waxing and plucking. It would be best if you also stayed away from blood-thinning medications and unnecessary frolicking outdoors under the sun. Ensure that you shave before your laser treatment to remove any hair that could result in skin damage.

What to expect

To get the best results, you will need to have at least two laser skin treatments at intervals recommended by your physician. Usually, this would be about eight weeks for areas where hair grows faster and close to four months for areas of slow hair growth. You will also be given special goggles that will protect your eyes from the laser beam effects. To prevent any discomfort, your physician will apply a topical anaesthetic during the treatment.

Some lasers may require a cooling gel on your skin before the physician presses down with the hand-held laser equipment. As soon as this is activated, the laser beam will penetrate your skin down to your hair follicles. The heat generated by this laser beam will damage the hair follicles and prevent hair growth. The entire procedure generally takes less than an hour, after which you will proceed with the necessary skin care methods discussed at the laser skin clinic.

You may notice some swelling and redness after the first few hours of your cosmetic procedure at the skin clinic, however, this will fade away. It is recommended after the procedure that you also avoid tanning for a few weeks. Over the next few weeks, your hair will shed gradually, which may look deceptively like hair growth. With multiple cosmetic sessions at your skin clinic, in a series of treatments, you will be able to get rid of all your unwanted hair.

Some people have faster results than others, which makes it difficult to predict how long the process will take. The long-term reduction is possible with maintenance laser hair removal treatments.

Apart from hair removal treatments, our skin clinic also specializes in a skin needling service. This service involves the use of small needles on the skin to get rid of large pores, wrinkles, and scars on the face. With skin needling, you have another safe treatment that our clinic can provide.

This cosmetic treatment involves the production of new collagen, which results in toned and smoother skin. It also has other impressive benefits, including no downtime. Since this is a non-invasive procedure, you can get back to your daily activities in no time at all. Skin needling and laser hair removal are both cosmetic treatments designed to improve your outward appearance and help you feel more confident about your body.

You can opt to have your laser therapy done at home. However, you will get better results with the top-notch facilities at a licensed clinic than with a do-it-yourself approach. Therefore, it is best to head over to a professional who understands the entire process.

Before going to any Australia laser clinic, we recommend you request a free consultation where you can discuss your options and pick the cosmetic treatments that will work best for your skin condition.