Laser Freckle Removal

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Getting Laser Freckle Removal
Getting Laser Freckle Removal

Laser Freckle Removal

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We have been offering effective and successful freckle removal and pigmentation removal for XX years using laser treatment. Pigmentation issues, freckles, age spots, birthmarks and skin tone problems can be caused by premature ageing, sun damage or simply by genetics. Research shows that more than 40% of the human population is prone to these problems due to excessive sun exposure, ageing and – of course – due to genetics.

The good news is that there is a solution. With professional laser treatment, our clinic has been successfully treating pigmentation issues and skin problems for a number of years. We offer effective freckle removal, pigmentation removal, and other skin treatments with the help of cutting-edge laser technology. Our laser-based skin revitalisation treatments will leave your skin looking younger, revitalised and free of pigmentation issues with little to no downtime.

What are Freckles and How Do They Form?

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One of the primary reasons as to why freckles start forming is due to excessive sun exposure. In many ways, freckles will occur naturally and are the body’s response to the sun. The sun activates melanin, which is the dark pigment in our skin, causing us to start seeing freckles on our face and bodies, along with other pigmentation signs.

However, in a vast majority of cases, freckles are inherited and are genetically conditioned. They may vary in colour – from darker shades to a more yellow or even brown colour. Darker-coloured freckles, which are also sometimes called lengitine freckles, will stay with you forever. Light-coloured freckles are ephelides freckles which will only form when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

While there is nothing wrong with having freckles, in fact, some people are proud of their freckles; however, many seek help with removing pigmentation as they want to get rid of it permanently. The great news is that we offer effective laser freckle removal that will leave your skin revitalised, free of pigmentation and freckles, age spots, and other skin problems. The results are outstanding.

We can help you with the following skin problems:

  • Freckles removal
  • Age spots
  • Pigment removal and treatment
  • Birthmarks and other spots on your skin

How Does Freckle Removal with Laser Work?

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If you are wondering how to get rid of freckles, then freckle removal with laser treatment has proven to be one of the most successful ways over the years. We have the latest laser pigmentation removal technology that will help you get rid of freckles and other skin problems without a hassle, painlessly, and very quickly. Best of all, you’ll be back to your best and back to work in no time with minimal to no downtime.

Gentle and Non-Invasive Laser Treatment

Depending on the area of treatments, the scope of the procedures, and your skin type, we will decide what the best course of laser treatment is right for you. We are known as experts in freckle removal with laser treatments, which will bring you permanent results and no damage to your skin.

Our laser treatment technology uses a focused beam of powerful laser light on a tiny part of your face, or body. The powerful laser energy works in such a way that it keeps your skin safe and removes the freckles simultaneously. As the laser energy is absorbed by melanin, which is the primary reason for freckles and pigmentation issues, these spots get removed from your skin through short, powerful bursts of laser energy.

The laser treatment is gentle for your skin and only affects the cells with pigmentation; the surrounding areas stay out of harm’s way. You might feel a slight sensation similar to a rubber band flicking across your skin, but this sensation is not too uncomfortably for most people. After the treatment, you might see darker colouration on your skin, which is a good sign. After 7-10 days, these dark areas and your freckles will be gone from your skin.

When Can I Expect Results and How is Pigmentation Removal Visible?

Firstly, we must note that the results can vary from person to person. However, you should start seeing the first signs of pigmentation removal after about 48 hours, although results can vary. Some can experience complete pigmentation removal, while others may take longer to see the full effects on their face or skin. At the very least, you should see the freckles starting to disappear or becoming significantly lighter at this stage.

As we’ve already mentioned, laser removal is entirely safe and for most, pain-free. Right after the treatment at our clinic, you might start to see darker spots or pigments on your face and skin. That’s completely normal, and it’s a sign of the treatment being effective. Over the next few days, this pigment will rise to the surface of your skin and will peel off via dead skin shedding. Monthly laser treatments work best, but you may consult with our experts at the clinic to find out what is best for you. Generally, 2-3 treatments have been found to work best.

We Use the Latest Laser Technology:

With the cutting-edge laser technology at our clinic, you will start to see the treatments’ results faster and more effectively. For light to dark freckles, pigment issues, age spots and skin problems, we are amongst the best freckle removal clinics in XXXXXX. You can trust our clinic to help improve your skin, we can make it rejuvenated and give you the freckle-free face/body that you long for. With the latest laser light treatment in use today, with our clinic, you’ll achieve the desired results faster.

Other Skin Treatments at our Clinic

In addition to laser treatments, we are among the most reliable clinics around that offer you a wide array of skin services. From skin needling to skin maintenance, we will provide you with a complete service for making you appear younger and rejuvenated.

Is It Painful and are there Side Effects?

One of the advantages of using cutting edge laser technology is that the treatment is not as painful as other treatments. While laser treatment is not very painful in itself, some clients do report minor skin irritation during treatment, and you can expect to see redness on your skin for a couple of days after. But other than that, the procedure is relatively pain and hassle-free.

Expect some skin redness or darker skin for a few days after the procedure. However, there should be no other significant side effects or complications.

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