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Jaw Slimming

Have you always dreamt about having a V-shaped face? If so, read on to find out everything about our non-surgical jaw reduction procedure…

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If your jaws are too big, or if you have a round, or a square face, a Btx treatment could fix your problems in no time at all. Anti Wrinkle Injections shots can slim your jawline down on both sides, and this is the most popular non-surgical way of doing so. It is known as the Anti Wrinkle Injections square jaw reduction procedure.

Some people have bulky chewing muscles which widen their jaws and makes their face look like a square. Big jaws can be caused by some different factors. Some people are born with larger jaw muscles; others create them by subconscious teeth grinding. Excess teeth grinding and chewing can make your jawline muscles grow more than it should. Bodybuilders develop their abs by contracting their muscles even when they are not exercising, which is exactly what happens with the jaw muscles. Anti Wrinkle Injections injections relax the muscle which leads to shrinkage resulting in a reduction of the jaw.

Once your square jaw is taken care of, you can consult with our team, and they can help you get the V-shaped jaws with some contouring.

Jaw Slimming Process

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The process of jaw slimming is quick and straightforward. Anti Wrinkle Injections is injected into the jaw muscles on both sides of the face. Since there are multiple muscles, each one has to be injected with Anti Wrinkle Injections.

The injections are not very painful, and the procedure takes only five minutes to complete. It is very efficient, and you can see the changes in a couple of weeks. This is a non-surgical procedure that has to be repeated two or three times every year.

Anti Wrinkle Injections shots relax the muscle and prevent it from contracting again. As a result, the jawline becomes smaller, and that changes the shape of the face. Our experts can help you shape your face without any aggressive surgical procedures. Here at Aesthetic Studio Clinic, we put attention to details, and we do our best to give you the results you wanted, no matter what the procedure is.

Jaw Slimming Results


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Once the Anti Wrinkle Injections has been injected into the jaw muscles, it takes about two to four weeks for the results to become visible. The non-surgical jaw reduction process is a temporary solution that lasts up to six months. If you continue with the treatment, more permanent results will occur. After two or three treatments, the effects can last up to a year. Some patients reported having permanent changes after two or more treatments.


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When it comes to maintenance of your slimmed down jaw, you don’t have to do anything but return to us when the effects of the Anti Wrinkle Injections fade away. Repeat the process a couple of times, and you’ll get to keep your youthful appearance for longer with no further treatments required.