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Personalised Hair Loss Treatments In Our Modern Aesthetic Clinical Studio In Melbourne


Melbourne is often thought of as a bright city filled with young people and new-age ideas. For those struggling with hair loss, you may find it hard to find the confidence to embrace the atmosphere of your favorite places around the city and feel comfortable amongst a younger crowd especially if your hair loss has started at a young age. While there have been numerous approaches to thinning hair treatments many in the past have been hit and miss, don’t let hair loss cost you your confidence and let us show you what we can offer. Our Clinic in Melbourne is using modern techniques one of which even if you aren’t looking for any hair restoration treatments you may find interesting.

The First Step and Why it’s so Important

As with all of our procedures, we typically start with a comprehensive and personalised consultation. When it comes to hair loss, this is just as important as it gives us a chance to discuss your everything from your family and medical history to what you hope to achieve. Having a direct consultation also provides us with an opportunity to assess your personal situation which for any cosmetic procedure shouldn’t be discounted as rarely when it comes to treatments is there a one size fits all approach, this is absolutely the case when it comes to treating hair loss. Go into a consultation expecting to talk about far more than how much could hair loss treatment cost.

During your consultation, our Doctors will look at all the factors involved and work with you to develop a treatment plan to suit you. After we have identified the type of hair loss, you are experiencing we can start looking at what treatments or combinations are likely to give you the best results. Unlike a company that only sells products, our clients are our advocates, and their results and satisfaction are the most important thing to us.

We use various treatment types, and sometimes combinations of them when it’s optimal. Typical treatment options include medications, specialised creams, and precision laid Platelet Rich Plasma injections. To ensure we aren’t missing any nutritional issues or other problems internally every patient seeking hair loss treatments will undergo baseline blood tests to make sure we have all the information possible to work with.

What are Platelet Rich Plasma Injections?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are a modern skin treatment that is also suitable for hair loss. It is a versatile treatment that can treat things such as acne scars, discoloration, wrinkles, and as we mentioned can be a fantastic option for hair loss as the best results of PRP injections can usually found when used on the face and scalp.

PRP injectables are made from a patient’s blood, separating a component that contains platelets which form the basis of this treatment. After the separation and preparation of the solution containing essential nutrients and blood components using our clinic’s state of the art equipment, the PRP injectable now contains on average ten times higher levels of the desired components to what can is generally found in your bloodstream. This increased ratio when injected allows for growth factors and stem cells to migrate to the treatment area at very high levels.

Is There Pain Involved in PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

Thanks to it being a procedure that is far less invasive than many more traditional options like surgical implants there is very little pain involved. Many patients describe the experience as merely a slight scratching feeling as the tiny needle goes in with some slight tingling as the PRP is injected into the area.

If a patient has a low pain threshold or is simply very nervous about the possible pain, they can speak to their injector, and they can provide you with a local anaesthetic injection or a numbing cream. To help you feel a little more comfortable, while this is typically not needed having a calm and relaxed patient is ideal so if this helps we can assist with that to best accommodate your needs.

After the procedure, even the recovery should have minimal effect on your ability to go about your day and cause little to no discomfort generally. The most common side effects are some minor bruising, swelling, and redness.

How Long Does it Take to See the Results from PRP Hair Loss Treatments?

Due to the way PRP works inside the body it is not a treatment that will show immediate results, you will likely start to notice an increase in thickness between 3-6 months after treatment, but the full results should be visible at a minimum of 8 months. Thicker hair will be the most prominent thing you will start to notice, it does take growth factors some time to stimulate the follicles thoroughly. So while effective and often providing exceptional results, it isn’t magic so does take a little time when it comes to hair growth at the best of times it’s never a fast experience in general.

Getting so frustrated with hair loss you feel like just taking out the clippers? Before you do anything drastic contact Aesthetic Studio Clinic today and book a no obligation consultation to see if we can help you regain your confidence and regain the lushness your hair once had. Due to our focus on providing the best for our patients and ensuring we give them all our attention, attendance to the clinic is by appointment only so book now to ensure you can get an appointment with the least possible wait as we are frequently heavily booked.

You can reach us at [email protected] or book by phone on (03) 9999 7368.