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Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss is a frequent problem for many men. There are all kinds of procedures that can help treat this problem, but most of them are very expensive. The PRP treatment is effective and relatively cheap.

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PRP Treatment Explanation

The PRP treatment is a natural treatment that exploits stem cells and growth factors found in your own body to replenish lost hair. In the combination with top medical equipment and our doctor’s experience, the PRP treatments here at Aesthetic Studio Clinic will help you grow your hair back. We offer one of the best treatments for Alopecia while thickening your hair at the same time.

How Does the PRP Treatment Work?

The procedure is painless and it involves small precisely position injections. The PRP is injected into the nutrient rich skin layer in the scalp to stimulate the growth of hair.

Our doctors can reach this layer of the skin and inject PHP to stimulate hair growth. The PRP is rich in stem cells and growth factors who together help to rejuvenate hair follicles and promote the growth of hair. The skin is also stimulated by PHP and that makes it shine after the first treatment. T

he thickness of the hair also improves when the hair follicles are stimulated. When repeated, the hair cycle returns and new follicles appear, which leads to more hair and a thicker scalp.

PRP injections treatment

What Does the Treatment Involve?

The first step of the treatment is to apply medical grade anesthetic cream on your scalp, to numb it and make the procedure more comfortable.  The doctors will then use tiny needles to reach the nutrient-rich skin layer, making sure that PRP is injected where it should be. The next step is taking a blood test. The blood is then put through the state of the art centrifuge process to extract growth factor cells which are then concentrated. The doctors then inject the PHP in the previously positioned injection needles.

When the treatment is over, the skin may appear flushed and shiny. That is perfectly normal and should go down within the first 24 hours. PHP hair loss therapy has a minimal downtime as the skin returns to normal in one day. In some rare cases, minor swelling and “shock hair loss” can occur. If that happens, contact your cosmetic doctor for consultations.

To get the desired results, the treatment has to be repeated once a month for the next six months. If you want to make sure you get visible results, the treatment has to take 9 months. The results can be seen after three or four months into the treatment and they will improve further as months go by.

Are the Results Visible Right Away?

No, they are not. For the PRP therapy to work, time and patience are needed. The first results are visible after about three to four months into the therapy.

The biggest changes happen in the thickness of the hair. The growth factors need a long time to fully stimulate the growth of hair follicles. You can expect to see the results of growth factors at least 8 months after the procedure.

Hair Loss Treatment

Can I Expect Any Side Effects?

PRP is an extremely safe procedure because it involves stem cells and growth factors extracted from your own body. The only side effects that can occur are mild swelling and the reddened look of the scalp.

The blood thinners on the head bleed longer than other vessels in the body, so the scalp recovery takes a bit more time.