If you are reading this article, chances are you already have some knowledge about facial fillers and want to get some more specific details on the topic. Facial fillers are without a doubt one of the most talked about phenomena in the world of cosmetic treatments, renowned by many as the safest and most efficient method of enhancing your looks.

But there is still quite a number of people who question the whole notion of facial fillers! There are rumours circulating around that not only are facial fillers painful, but they also create a lot of side effects and are a quite dangerous procedure. Truth be told – they are wrong, and this nonsense is often created out of fear and out of stigma for cosmetic treatment, which used not to be as well-developed as today.

How painful is it to get a facial filler?

First of all – you probably won’t feel too much during the procedure itself. A facial filler injection is always performed under local anesthesia, which limits the pain to an absolute minimum – you will only feel a pinch! Moreover, the injection is performed with a dull needle, which reduces bruising and does not sting as harmfully.

Be prepared, though, that you may still feel some discomfort during the treatment. The main source of pain you might feel during the procedure is not from the needle itself, but from the fillers stretching the skin. However, a lot of state of the art fillers introduce substances such as lidocaine as one of their components, which further removes the pain.

Lidocaine is contained mostly in hyaluronic acid-based facial fillers, which currently provide the least amount of pain. Both Juvederm and Restylane, providers of hyaluronic acid fillers, use lidocaine to null some of the pain.

But how does such an injection feel in general?

That is a good question to ask, but the answer is quite tricky. You see, the way the injection feels is mostly dependent on the area you inject the substance into. For example – you might imagine how it feels to get some sort of substance injected into the area underneath your eyes, or near the mouth. The filler expands under the skin, stretching it, and it might feel weird at first when these areas suddenly get more volume.

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Some of the areas of the face are also more prone to pain during injection than other. Getting an injection under your eyes might feel weird, but it usually does not hurt much. On the other hand, the places where a lot of nerves and veins are located tend to hurt a bit more, including such areas as the lips, the cheeks, and marionette lines.

Do all the fillers feel the same?

Not exactly. You see, some of the substances used to make facial fillers are more viscous and have a more drastic effect. These fillers usually contain an active ingredient other than hyaluronic acid, including some of the products of - and Perlane. After an injection of any of those two, you might get some skin irritation and some sharp pain around the area of the injection, but it should subside after twenty minutes or so.

Do not worry, though! Even though such a procedure might sting a bit for a short time, there is usually no more pain after the first half an hour. While some of the side effects of facial fillers might include swelling, itching, and redness, there is no pain involved, and after you endure through that first thirty minutes after the treatment, there is nothing to worry about!

Knowing all of that, you should now have quite a clear picture in your mind of how a facial filler injection might feel like. There is nothing to fear – it is usually even less painful than a regular injection! Both the local anesthesia and some of the mixed-in ingredients lower the pain level to the minimum, making facial fillers safe and hassle-free.

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