You might have heard that one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the recent years have been dermal fillers, as they are regarded one of the most effective and safest aesthetic enhancements there are. But getting any sort of cosmetic treatment is not just like shooting a fish in a barrel – it’s a thing you should really think through before you decide to go with it, and this article may help you with the choice.

Am I too young to get dermal fillers?

First of all, do not think that dermal fillers are something only older people get done, in order to somehow slow the aging process and look just a bit younger! While the majority of people who decide to undergo a dermal filler treatment is of the age of at least 35, there are also people as young as in their early twenties deciding to go with the treatment. That is because the dermal fillers not only try to mitigate some of the downsides of aging, but they can be used just as well to correct some imperfections which we were stuck with from the day we were born.

Some examples of such imperfections might include:

  • too deep laugh lines
  • crow’s feet around our eyes,
  • unaesthetic lines running from our mouth to the chin,
  • creases around the mouth due to smoking,
  • ill-shaped lips,
  • a nose hump, and many, many more.

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The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to what dermal fillers could accomplish, and the best way to know even more is to contact a doctor who specializes in cosmetic surgery.

Aren’t dermal fillers painful?

You see, dermal fillers are not like most of the other cosmetic treatment types, as those generally involve open tissue and some sort of surgery. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, offer fast results even after only a single treatment (though keep in mind that although the results are immediate, the swelling might last for up to two weeks after the treatment), and the fact that they do not require any surgery or cutting limits the risk of infection to the minimum, making them one of the safest cosmetic treatments there are.

You should be aware, though, that dermal fillers are usually done in order to correct only minor issues, and some of the more severe problems might require a surgery, so it is best to get in touch with a professional before you choose the treatment.

Are dermal fillers expensive?

While certainly none of the professional cosmetic treatments are cheap, dermal fillers are still one of the most affordable options. Keep in mind, though, that you should never let yourself be swindled by someone offering an unexpectedly cheap price, as those usually are of much lower quality than what can be offered by professionals, and since you will be stuck with the results, you might as well strive to get the best there is!

The cost of each dermal filler treatment is different, as it highly depends on what you want to correct in your body, as well as the type of filler you decide to use. This makes it quite difficult to predict the price beforehand, and these tips only serve to give you a general idea of how much it can cost. The first step of establishing a cost of the treatment is to find a professional who knows their way around fillers. Do not get cheap on yourself and choose a renowned doctor, and you will be thankful for following the advice later on.

One of the cheapest fillers on the market right now are hyaluronic acid fillers, and they are also one of the most popular ones, due not only to their affordable price, but also due to their effectiveness. These treatments usually range from about $550 to $700 on average. Another good choice of filler is the calcium hydroxylapatite, which is even a bit cheaper. These types of fillers are considered artificial, which does not make them less effective, but there is a chance your body will not be compatible with them. In such a case, the cheapest option for a natural filler is human collagen, the price of which generally ranges from $600 even up to $1400, depending on the specific material used. The most pricey choice is surely using your own body fat, but it is also the safest one, and they tend to cost upwards of $1500.

As a final reminder, you should keep in mind that health insurance does not cover dermal fillers, just like most of the other aesthetic treatments, but a majority of plastic surgeons still offer some ways to make the treatment more affordable, such as handy financing plans, so make sure to ask about

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