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Crows Feet

The reduction of crows feet is perhaps the most popular use for Anti Wrinkle Injections. Crows feet form up after years and decades of the same muscle retractions that happen when we smile or squint. The skin stretches and folds around the eyes…

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There are a couple of methods for reducing crows feet, but Anti Wrinkle Injections is by far the most effective one. When Anti Wrinkle Injections is injected into the muscle around the eyes, the muscles relax and become paralyzed. They stop contracting, and the crows feet disappear.

Getting Anti Wrinkle Injections treatments is perfectly legal because it was approved some time back by the FDA, but you should be careful when choosing your practitioner. If the toxin spreads further than it was supposed to, there could be some complications, which is why you need a certified physician.

The good thing about these shots is that the treatment takes only a few minutes. The problems with this treatment are that it involves needles, it costs a lot of money, and the effects wear off in time. To put things in simple terms – the practician injects toxins into the muscles in the area you want to treat. It is done without anesthesia, so you’ll have to be brave and push through the pain and fear.

Today, the average cost for this treatment is around 400 dollars. It takes up to a week to see the results of the treatment and they last up to six months. If you want to keep the crows feet away, you’ll need to repeat the process twice a year.

Side Effects

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Getting Anti Wrinkle Injections shots does improve looks, but there are also some side effects that can occur. The most common one is bruising. Headaches can occur as well, but they don’t happen that often. Even if you feel them, they will stop over the next couple of days.

You should never rub the treated area after a shot because the Anti Wrinkle Injections could reach your eyelid muscles. That can happen even if you don’t rub them in some occasions which cause the eyelids to droops. Do not be alarmed if that happens because it will fade way over time.

To summon things up, the Anti Wrinkle Injections treatment can reduce your crows feet, but it can’t help you get rid of them completely. If you don’t mind the needles and if you have spare cash to spend, the treatment can help you hide your wrinkles without much effort. Keep in mind that you will have to repeat it every three to six months or the crows feet will come back.

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