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Chin Fillers, Jawline Counturing & Non Surgical Chin Augmentation In Melbourne

Chin Fillers are a popular treatment requested by patients these days in Cosmetic Clinics all over, including Aesthetic Studio Clinic due to our experience and skilled use of fillers we are a popular choice. This procedure is popular across a wide range of ages and also popular among men looking for a more masculine chin.

Chin Fillers to Reduce the Signs of Ageing

As people age they lose volume and elasticity in the face, leading to sagging and wrinkles. When it comes to the chin, this reduced volume can become quite apparent. As people age the soft tissue in the chin reducing decreases structural support, however, this can be quite effectively combated with the application of a chin filler treatment.

Addressing chin issues can often have a flow-on effect as the increased support from the added volume helps tighten surrounding skin tissue as well, especially in regards to the jowls and neck. This is an often forgotten area with so much focus on the lips, eyes, and nose, but the effect replacing lost volume in this area can be well worth it aesthetically for a lot of people, especially as they are starting to show signs of ageing.

Chin Fillers to Enhance

This is not a treatment that is only useful for those a little older, and it is a very versatile approach to dealing with a lot of aesthetic concerns. Some people genetically have a well-balanced chin that is projected nicely, but not everyone, and for those finding themselves uncomfortable with the appearance of their chin it can be an excellent treatment option.

If you have an underdeveloped or recessive chin, this can be enhanced with chin fillers. Quite a popular treatment among patients of certain ethnicities such as those of Asian descent, who sometimes find this as an area that they would like to enhance, this is purely personal preference though as to what the patient’s aesthetic goals are. Also, a commonly sought out treatment by men looking to achieve a more masculine facial shape if they find their chin to be a little less pronounced than they would like.

What Can Chin Fillers Improve?

  • Increase the size of the chin, fillers add volume to the chin to easily increase its size.
  • Length of the chin if the chin is a little short, chin fillers can be used to increase this.
  • Adjust the shape of the Chin, by adjusting any symmetry issues or pointiness.
  • Rejuvenate the appearance of the chin that has lost volume from ageing.
  • Increase the projection of the chin, popular for recessive chins and with male patients.
  • Tighten surrounding skin with the extra support provided by the addition of volume.

What Happens During a Chin Filler Treatment?

The face and all surrounding areas are thoroughly cleaned, ice may be applied briefly to the area before the treatment begins. Then using a very fine needle, the filler injectable is administered using a series of small injections across the target area until the desired result is achieved. Gauze will typically be used during this process after injections with light pressure applied.

Sometimes the use of a cannula can be preferential, depending on various factors that your practitioner will discuss with you.

Are Chin Filler Treatments Painful?

Most people find the application of fillers to be quite tolerable and low in pain, having an experienced injector will assist with this as with experience comes the ability to be as efficient as possible in providing these treatments. To have the best experience with any cosmetic procedure, it’s always advisable to avoid discount shopping and go with experience and qualifications as a priority.

If you are concerned about the pain, you can request a numbing cream to be applied, though this is usually not needed necessary. Many fillers also include a local anesthetic that begins to numb the treatment area after the first injection rapidly, and when focusing on the chin, this should be quite efficient at reducing mild discomfort working on a reasonably centralised area.

How Long Do Chin Fillers Last?

While a ubiquitous question, it’s not one that has a precise answer, however, depending on the specific filler products used your practitioner will be able to estimate this quite accurately based on their experience. The reason this varies is that patients will metabolise and absorb chin fillers at different rates so that lasting periods will vary unpredictably to a small degree between patients. So be sure to discuss this with your practitioner during your consultation after you have reviewed your desired outcome, especially if lasting time is a priority for you sometimes specific products can be chosen to better suit your preferences in this regard.

Depending on the filler used the lasting time will typically vary somewhere between 6-18 months. As previously mentioned, your Cosmetic Doctor should be able to give you a reasonably accurate estimate on what to expect and when to consider topping up if you intend to do so, based on the products used and their experience with them.

What Is the Typical Experience like After a Chin Filler Treatment?

Generally, the main things to expect are some minor redness and swelling, this will reduce over the next couple of days usually, and any sharpness to the appearance of the chin will soften and begin to take on a more natural look. If anything of concern starts to occur then seek advice, but in most cases, the downtime is very low if anything provided you take some considerations to let the area heal.

To reduce the chances of complications, you should avoid applying makeup the chin or surrounding areas for a minimum of four hours. Avoid strenuous exercise for a couple of days, as well as avoiding excessive sun exposure. Applying an icepack to the area can help with any minor discomfort and swelling after the treatment.

While most swelling from chin fillers will typically dissipate over a 2-3 day period, you may retain some residual swelling for as long as 2-4 weeks after the treatment. If you find any hard areas, in the first few days these should soften as the filler settles more if not speak to your practitioner for advice. If before the four-week mark you experience some amount of asymmetry don’t panic as this is often just the result of uneven swelling or bruising as it dissipates faster in some areas than others. If you are considering having further filler treatments soon after to adjust the chin further, it is advisable to wait at least four weeks before reviewing this option with your Cosmetic Doctor.

Potential Side Effects of Chin Filler Treatments

While the use of dermal fillers in considered relatively low risk, they still have possible side effects, and these should always be taken into consideration. During your consultation your Cosmetic Doctor will discuss the risks involved and any that may be further increased by any specific medications you take or other factors, so always listen carefully to make an informed decision before proceeding.

Some possible side effects to consider include:

  • Bruising occurs in a significant number of treatments.
  • Swelling of the injection sites is to be expected.
  • Infection while rare in a clean setting is always a possibility due to having injections.
  • Blocked blood vessels causing necrosis is very rare can but occur leading to scarring.

How Much Do Chin Fillers Cost?

This varies depending on the required amount of filler, and the specific type of fillers used. Fillers are typically sold in 1ml syringes, due to the risk of cross-contamination we do not split syringes as we take that risk seriously, however, at our discretion for regular clients, we will sometimes store leftover filler for top-ups in our sterile on-site storage facilities for use by only that patient in a future visit.

To get a good indication of the cost involved nothing will beat a personalised assessment with a no-obligation consultation at Aesthetic Studio Clinic. We are often heavily booked, and due to our patient-centric focus, we don’t accept walk-in appointments so to ensure you get a booking that suits you contact us today.

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