chin fillers
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Chin Fillers

Aesthetic Studio Clinic offers all types of cosmetic procedures and reshaping the chin is one of them. Our chin treatment will add volume and give you a more prominent look. Having your chin tightened can have a great impact on your confidence.

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How Is The Chin Treated?

The aging process of our bodies makes our skin loose which leads to wrinkles. The chin is also affected by age, and many people experience a loose chin or a double chin. That can have a huge impact on your confidence. At Aesthetic Studio Clinic, our doctors can treat chin problems quickly and efficiently, giving you a younger look that lasts up to a year. Our non-surgical procedure involves the injection of dermal fillers to the are that needs to be treated, and the results are almost instant.

Who Is Suitable For the Treatment?

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Anyone who wants to change the contours of their chin is a candidate for the procedure. Aging can make your chin look less prominent, but some people are just born with asymmetric or smaller chins. If that is the case, dermal fillers may be just what you are looking for.

The chin augmentation treatment is safe for adult men and women with good overall health. This is an effective way of changing the looks of your chin in a none-surgical way.

Chin Fillers
    • What Can I Expect From The Treatment?

      The chin enhancement process is done in less than an hour. At Aesthetic Studio Clinic, we use top quality dermal fillers that are injected into the skin. They increase the skin volume which lifts your chin up and changes its contours.

      We use non-permanent fillers because they have a temporary effect of about six months, so the doctors can make changes if needed. The effect of the fillers declines over time, so the treatment needs to be repeated.

    • The Cost Of the Treatment

      The cost of the chin augmentation treatment is anywhere between $600 and 1700 dollars. It depends on the results you want to get. We use only the best dermal fillers on the market that give you the best long lasting results.

Chin Treatment
    • Is the Treatment Painful?

      At Aesthetic Studio Clinic, we take great care that our patients experience as little pain as possible. Our doctors use highly advanced techniques to inject the fillers under the skin, with little or no pain at all.

      We first apply a medical-grade anesthetic cream to numb the area, and we also use ice to keep the bruising and swelling down. The fillers are injected symmetrically, giving you the best natural look possible.

    • Recovery Process

      Chin augmentation is a simple procedure, and it’s over in under an hour. The results are almost instant, and the recovery process is minimal. Some bruising and swelling may occur, but they usually disappear within the first 48 hours.

      Chin augmentation jobs are often referred to as “lunchtime rejuvenation,” which implies that there is no recovery time at all.