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Cheek Fillers & Cheek Augmentation in Melbourne For Natural Looking Results

The cheeks play a significant part in the structure of the face, and it’s surprising how aesthetically detrimental it can be when the cheeks start to lose volume. Not just the elderly face this, some people merely have genetically leaner faces and those that are lean from exercise, especially runners. Though not just those losing volume or that have thinner faces are looking for cheek enhancement, sometimes people simply love the look of plump, soft, larger cheeks or would like a little more size to be in closer proportion to their other features for a more balanced look.

Why Many People Look to Cheek Fillers over Other Alternatives

When it comes to adding natural looking volume to facial features, dermal fillers are impressive products. The cheeks are a very suitable area for the application of dermal fillers. There’s a growing trend of people who are seeking to avoid surgery while receiving effective cosmetic enhancements, while cheek implants are an option they lack the ease of adjustment and flexibility that is provided with cheek fillers.

Another option sometimes considered for cheek enhancement is an autologous fat transfer procedure, this requires a small liposuction procedure from which the fat is reused to fill the cheeks. While this can last longer than cheek fillers, it is more invasive, and many people may find the concept not very appealing.

While cheek fillers can be quite long lasting depending on the specific product used, they aren’t permanent; however, for many people, this is considered a positive as peoples style tends to change over time as does their desired appearance.

Reasons to Consider Cheek Fillers for Aesthetic Enhancement

There are various reasons people consider cheek fillers a viable option to help reach their aesthetic targets. The first is that as people age the face loses a lot of volume and elasticity and when the volume is lost in the cheeks this can start to cause an increase in sagging, folds, wrinkles, and fine lines. An improvement in cheek volume can even assist with the reduction in the appearance of eye bags. The broad range of effects a lack of cheek volume can have on your appearance makes it one of the most critical areas to target for ageing patients looking for facial rejuvenation. Full cheeks provide a more youthful look, without any flattening or bonyness with a nice youthful curvaceousness.

The other reason is less about a patients age and more about refining your features to look the best they can. Cheek fillers are not just for ageing patients far from it, many patients look for excellence in all their features, and the cheeks are no exception. If you have a squarer face, leaner face, or want a more refined curve to your cheeks, then cheek fillers can be a great option to provide the balanced look you are seeking.

Are Cheek Fillers Painful?

Cheek filler injections are found quite tolerable in this regard by the majority of patients. They are not very invasive, with the procedure being quite quick as well. If the pain is of significant concern to you, there is the option to request a numbing cream to be applied before the treatment to reduce this even further, but it is not something considered a necessity. Many dermal fillers are already premixed with a local anaesthetic reducing local pain after the first injection quite rapidly which further reduces the minor discomfort.

How Much Do Cheek Fillers Cost?

Costs involved vary depending on the amount of filler required to reach your desired volume increase which can vary quite a lot. Price is also largely affected by the specific product chosen, those with increased lasting times and cross-linking capabilities usually come with an increased cost.

The best way to find out how much your desired outcome will cost is to have a personalised consultation to assess what you want to achieve and be able to inspect your specific facial attributes. This personal look will result in being able to provide a reasonable estimate on how much volume will be required to achieve the results you want, and the ability to discuss product options and other factors involved receiving cheek filler treatments.

If you have read this far and are thinking cheek fillers are just what you need to help you on your path towards your dream look then book an obligation-free consultation with Aesthetic Studio Clinic today to discuss what cheek fillers can achieve for you. We don’t accept walk-in appointments, and due to our quality services are frequently heavily booked so to ensure you get a booking that suits you reach out today.

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