You may have been led to believe that cosmetic treatment is a scary procedure that is both painful and may result in long-lasting damage to your face. However, such rumours are actually highly overstated, and cosmetic treatments like dermal or cheek fillers are among the safest procedures currently available. They are even much safer than some of the less invasive treatments!

Where does the fear of cosmetic treatment come from?

So many people think of cosmetic treatments as scary surgeries that require general anesthesia. Well, first of all, a vast majority of cosmetic treatments, including cheek fillers, is only done under local anesthesia, which has no risks involved, as it is used with almost every other operation, even as simple as an injection in your arm! Moreover, the whole fear of general anesthesia is overstated, as healthy people have nothing to worry about, and there is always an anesthesiologist present to ensure the procedure goes smoothly.

What about pain? Does it hurt to get cheek fillers?

Not any more than getting a vaccination would. The local anesthesia on your cheeks ensures that you won’t feel a thing during the treatment. However, there may be some pain and bruising involved after the treatment is finished, for a couple of days, but is nothing severe and should not anything more than a slight nuisance in your everyday life. Moreover, you will often get prescribed pain medication after you leave, which should help you if the pain gets any worse.

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Won’t I get scars from the treatment?

Of course not! While some more serious cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation or general face-lifting might leave you with scars, you can be sure that there won’t be any mark on your after a cheek filing treatment. What’s more, you might even get rid of some old scars, from acne for example, during the treatment, and since there are no incisions involved in the procedure, you can be sure that no new scar will appear.

Should I be scared of the side effects?

Not really, but you should probably still be aware of the possibility. First and foremost, make sure to consult with your doctor before the treatment, who will probably tell you to do a couple of tests, including an allergy test, which will ensure that you are good to go for the filling. This will also tell which filler would be the best for your body.

So, what are exactly the possible side effects?

The most common side effects occur immediately after the treatment and include bruising and slight pain. This is normal and nothing to worry about, but you should still know about it beforehand so you won’t be scared after the procedure. There could also be some itching and redness, so make sure to restrain yourself and avoid scratching!

Are there any more severe side effects?

They are extremely rare, but they still do sometimes happen, especially if the treatment is done by an inexperienced surgeon or if the environment of the treatment is not sterile. The more severe side effects include infections, the possibility of which can be minimised by making sure you are in a sterile clinic, allergic reactions, which is avoidable by doing specific tests, and lumps under the skin, caused by uneven distribution of the filler. The best way to avoid these side effects is to always make sure you go for quality and not the lowest price. While it may be tempting to go with the most affordable offer, make sure the clinic of your choice is renowned and has good reviews, and that their surgery rooms are clean and sterile. After all, the treatment is supposed to make you look healthier and prettier and not introduce some unaesthetic side effects, which could have been easily avoided had you taken the necessary precautions!

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