Vaser Liposuction is one of the most sought after surgical procedures because of its effectiveness in removing unwanted fat deposits that are not responsive to dieting and regular exercise. It can also contour responsive body figures that can easily be maintained through a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. This procedure involves minimal downtime, reduced bruising and swelling, and significantly saves you a lot of money. To have a significant transformation of your body shape, here are the 3 areas popularly treated

1.Upper Abdomen 

2.Lower Abdomen


These are the most popular areas in which both women and men often experience stubborn fat deposits. Vaser Liposuction can remove excess fat cells effectively that didn’t respond after a weight loss program through diet and regular exercise. The reason why these fat cells are hard to lose is because our tummies are made up of beta fat cells that aren’t affected by diet and exercise, and accumulate due to the slow metabolism rate as a result of age, menopause, genetics, poor dietary choices, inactivity, stress and many more. 

Every patient is different and the results may vary. The effectiveness of this cosmetic procedure will greatly depend on the hands of the right cosmetic practitioner.