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Anti Wrinkle Injections In Melbourne To Reverse the Aging Process

When applied by a skilled practitioner, anti-wrinkle treatments are quite subtle in appearance yet effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The Cosmetic Doctors at Aesthetic Studio Clinic in Melbourne are well versed in the use of anti-wrinkle injections, as it’s one of our most frequently requested services.

What are Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are comprised of a purified protein found in nature. The actual name of the product we are unable to name online due to TGA regulations. When this product is injected into the skin the underlying facial muscles relax, this reduces dynamic lines and assists in creating a softer, and more youthful appearance while still looking natural when performed professionally.

How Are They Effective at Reducing Wrinkles?

Many wrinkles become more apparent when facial muscles are contracted when the face is moved in various ways; these are referred to as dynamic wrinkles. After treatment with anti-wrinkle injections muscles in the area that was injected will be inhibited from contracting, and in turn, reduce wrinkles that were caused by specific muscles contracting if the injections relax them.

This injectable typically doesn’t have much effect in treating static wrinkles and lines; these are the kind that is visible when the face is in a resting state. However, some static wrinkles may improve if the area is being treated as over time the skin has time to recover with the underlying muscles no longer pulling on it, which can sometimes result in some degree of improvement though this is not guaranteed. When it comes to dealing with static lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers and laser resurfacing are often good candidates for consideration which we also have available for our patients.

Are These Treatments Safe?

Cosmetic Doctors have used the product used for this treatment for over a decade, and other medical uses for longer without any reports of long-term damage or side effects. This product is used for some surprising things many people are not aware of such as for children with cerebral palsy to reduce muscle spasticity assisting with normal movement and the treatment of eyelid spasms, for just a couple of lesser-known uses.

It can also be applied to the hands or feet when dealing with specific issues. The same product is also used in our clinic to reduce excessive sweating in some patients and is effective for as long as eight months.

What Is Involved in Receiving Anti-Wrinkle Treatments?

The treatment involves a series of precise small injections to the target areas. The needles used to apply the injectable are very fine, so the pain involved is quite minimal. However, if you have a low pain tolerance, numbing cream can be requested before treatment to reduce this even further though it’s typically unnecessary. Only a minimal amount of the product is injected in each place, as not much is required to produce the desired effect. The process can be performed quite swiftly and accurately, depending on the number of areas being treated and the skill of the injector.

Are the Effects Instantly Apparent?

No, but that doesn’t mean they are not very effective at what they do either. After one or two weeks you will usually start to notice the effects becoming more visible. Sometimes as quickly as two or three days, you may begin to see some change.

How Long Do Anti-Wrinkle Treatments Last?

This can vary depending on the amount administered, though can last as long as four months. Often the first few times an area is treated though this is usually closer to around three months, however, when regularly applied some weakening of the muscles can start to occur improving lasting time a little in some cases. If treatment is discontinued the muscles will soon return to their previous state, and this doesn’t result in an increase in wrinkles caused by the discontinuation only a return to the normal state as the muscles are no longer relaxed by the injections.

What Are the Potential Side Effects?

For most people, there are no significant side effects. However, all cosmetic treatments carry risks so even when they are rare or minimal, they should be considered to make an informed decision. The most common risk is that of bruising, which may appear at the treated area, especially when treating around the eyes. Some swelling or redness of the injection areas is also not uncommon, though this is often short-lived and dissipates in around an hour.

Some other adverse outcomes that can occur can include, asymmetrical results, puffy eyes after treatment near the eyes, and a drooping corner of the mouth that is commonly caused by inexperienced injectors misplacing the product. A small percentage of people when having treatment near the eyes may experience some migration into the eyelid that can cause a temporary partial drooping of the eyelid.

This isn’t a complete list, so during your consultation discuss the risks thoroughly with your Cosmetic Doctor to be sure you are going into the treatment informed, this is especially important as some treatment areas can carry specific or higher risks so always listen carefully when discussing the risks involved.

At Aesthetic Studio Clinic we believe in patients making informed decisions and doing what is best suited to them and their various needs, this is one of the reasons we offer a no-obligation consultation. We don’t accept walk-in appointments as we are frequently heavily booked. So to ensure you get in as soon as possible, with a time that fits your schedule make your booking today.

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